OpenFaaS (Functions as a Service) is a framework for building serverless functions with Docker and Kubernetes which has first class support for metrics. Any process can be packaged as a function enabling you to consume a range of web events without repetitive boiler-plate coding.

With OpenFaaS ® you can package anything as a serverless function – from Node.js to Golang to CSharp, even binaries like ffmpeg or ImageMagick.

You can try out OpenFaaS in 60 seconds or write and deploy your first Python function in around 10-15 minutes. From there you can take the OpenFaaS workshop, a series of tried-and-tested self-paced labs which teach you everything you need to know about functions – and more.

Ride the Serverless Wave – read the OpenFaas blog.

Software Included

Docker CE18.06.1Apache 2
Docker Compose1.17.1Apache 2

Getting started after deploy

You must login one time on the server:

  • OpenFaaS will install and configure itself interactively on first login
  • Docker Swarm is used to deploy OpenFaaS
  • Credentials will be stored to /root/.openfaas-password

In a web browser, you can view:

Once the OpenFaaS One-click application is running, you can begin here to get started immediately:

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